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Better For The Planet

Nowadays a pellet stove represents one the best and easiest solutions to heat a house – saving money, using a renewable energy, and helping the planet.

  • Pellets produced from recycled furniture production waste
  • Up to 55% reduction in carbon emissions
  • Quick ignition – under 3 minutes
  • Beautiful flame
  • Self cleaning
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Ducted pellet stove featuring the new, highly innovative, patent protected, Core technology

This beautiful stove combines the most innovative operating technologies with a Nordic minimalist design. The cladding is entirely in painted steel (Black and Bronze).

Intelligent combustion management with Maestro+ technology.



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This classic-style, small pellet stove is the perfect solution for optimising your living space. It can be perfectly installed in an existing fireplace, pairing timeless elegance with effective heating.

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The stove that is almost a boiler, providing all the heat your system needs. Ceramic or metal pellet stove, air, ducted and hydro versions available.

The hydro option can not only heat the air in the room, but also the water in your heating system. It is compatible with both normal radiators or an underfloor heating system.

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The most advanced user experience ever

Experience the pinnacle of stove performance through our Maestro+ technology. An integrated micro-computer seamlessly communicates with your smartphone, further enhancing the stove’s capabilities, ensuring flawless operation.

Discover the myriad benefits of our complete range of high-performance stoves, all remotely controllable.


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The Ecological Revolution

Protected by no less than three patents, stoves with Core technology are characterised by absolutely spectacular flame aesthetics, clean glass, minimal cleaning, and a drastic reduction in electricity consumption and emissions of up to 55% below the European Ecodesign limits.

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