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Protected by no less than three patents, stoves with Core technology are characterised by absolutely spectacular flame aesthetics, clean glass, minimal cleaning, and a drastic reduction in electricity consumption and emissions of up to 55% below the European Ecodesign limits.

An absolutely Spectacular Flame

Thanks to gasification, Core’s flame develops naturally. The final effect is the same slow, dancing rhythm of a wood fire.

In addition, as they have been designed without visible technical parts, the fireboxes of the Core stoves are particularly elegant even when switched off compared to traditional products.

Reduced Emissions

By exploiting the principles of gasification, Core technology ensures cleaner and more sustainable combustion than conventional stoves.

After the pellets are ignited in an oxygen-depleted atmosphere, the fuel’s gasification stage begins. It is only afterwards, through skilful injection of combustion air, that the chemical reactions between the gases and oxygen take place. It burns the pellets and burns the gases produced, guaranteeing a drastic reduction in emissions, up to 55% lower than the European Econdesign limits.

Cleaner Glass

Thanks to Core’s high-performance combustion and streamlined airflow in the combustion chamber, the glass of the stove remains cleaner for much longer than in conventional appliances.

Automatic Brazier Cleaning

Core makes the end user’s life even easier! The amount of ash generated by the stove is minimal, and what little unburnt material remains is removed through a self-cleaning brazier that is activated automatically.

Cleaning the firebox thus turns into a quick and easy chore that is only done once a week.

Quick Ignition

The new ceramic glow plug makes it possible to quickly reach 1000˚, and thanks to its position, the pellets are ignited already in the early stages of falling to the bottom of the brazier, improving the overall efficiency of ignition.

The flame appears in less than 3 minutes, reducing ignition time by 40% compared to conventional products.


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Particle – mg/m3/13%O2<15 / <209 (8kW / 10 kW)
NOx – mg/m3/13%O2< 100 / <16095 (8kW) 89 (10 kW)
CO – mg/m3/13%O2< 250 / <25076 (8kW) 113 (10 kW)
Always high performance, even at low power
Low ash production

Visual Aspects

Traditional Products On The Marketcore logo
Beauty of the flame, slow and cleanFICKLE, SOMETIMES UNSTABLESLOW AND STABLE
Combustion chamber designTRADITIONALMINIMAL AND NEAT